Why I Don’t Like Trends

“Judging from the ugly and repugnant things that are sometimes in vogue, it would seem as though fashion were desirous of exhibiting its power by getting us to adopt the most atrocious things for its sake alone.” –George Simnel
I once spent the afternoon shopping with a good friend of mine all over the city. I needed some jeans and upon entering one of the stores in the mall I was asked “are you looking for skinny jeans?” My response was “No, I don’t want to pay for something that will be out of style next week,” and while the sentiment may have been slightly exaggerated, that right there sums it up quite nicely. Put most simply, I find it a waste. Not only of your money, but of closet space as well, and we could all use a little more of that, couldn’t we? I just don’t see the logic in buying something you know you’ll no longer get any use out of when next season rolls around and you now consider your perfectly good purchase to be dated or even ugly. It’s the silliest thing.
There is another side to this though. Here’s another mini anecdote. When I was 16 I started learning to express myself for the first time. For years I had been trying my best to fit in to avoid any more of the elementary teasing from the kids in school, and though it worked, it somehow felt very, very wrong. I wasn’t myself and I needed to change that. So instead of wearing what everyone else was wearing, I kept an eye out for things I liked. Here’s another quote for you, “Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.” –Epictetus. I could go on. That summer lacey shirts with huge flowing sleeves came into style. They were very trendy indeed, but they were also very me. I stocked up on them and soon people rarely saw me in anything else.
The key here is to know yourself, and I certainly question people’s motives when I see them decked out in all the very latest trends right down to the last detail. I would strongly advise anyone to NEVER buy anything for the sole purpose of fitting in. It certainly doesn’t mean you have to walk around looking like a freak. It does however mean you’ll feel more confident with yourself, and spend your money only on things that make you really happy. And give you the freedom to purchase for quality, and dare I say, NOT quantity.
When in doubt, timeless is the way to go. And I’m not lying when I tell you that every time I consider a fashion purchase I ask myself whether or not I’ll still be able to wear it when I’m 40. I still own the very first dress I bought with my own money when I was 12 years old, and if it wasn’t for the 90s camo print, maybe even despite of it because, damnit, I like it, I could still wear it if I wanted. Granted not all of you will stay roughly the same size, or retain the same tastes, and that’s to be expected, but you never know. One of the reasons my wardrobe is so massive is not because I’m loaded with money, but because I’ve been able to keep a whole lot over the years that still looks good. Think about that.

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