Foundations: From the Ground Up

It’s hard to look your best when your underwear sucks, and your choice in it can affect the entire look of your body and outfit. Most women don’t even realize that they would look 100% better if only they were wearing the right stuff underneath! So here for your reading entertainment is the always-inevitable underwear post.
I know I’m repeating a lot of people when I say this, but please, get yourself fitted properly for a bra, and go often, because our bodies are always changing. 90% of women are wearing the wrong size, and this can make you look much droopier and heavier than you really are. A good bra will not only lift your boobs, but your entire look and carriage. I know I have one issue in this area and that’s that I’m the same size of almost all the girls working in the lingerie store, so that by the time I get there all the bras and underwear in my size have already been snatched up. But one thing that’s always good to live by, in fashion and otherwise, is persistence. Persistence can get you some very good rewards.
One common misconception is that if you’re wearing white clothes you should be wearing white underwear so that it’s not visible. But actually it is. Quite visible actually, so the best color to go with here is nude. It’s not the prettiest color, but when in doubt, this is always your best option.
Now that I’ve quickly covered the painfully obvious I’m going to get to the fun stuff by taking it a step further. Ever wonder how women of the past looked so elegant and sleek, no matter their size, while so many women today look unfit or sloppy? Women of the past were more prone to wear foundation garments, and that doesn’t mean wearing your grandmother’s girdle. Foundation garments today are not only extremely flattering under your clothes, but can be very sexy on their own. Just check out the gorgeous lingerie by Kiss Me Deadly if you don’t believe me. And think of the extra fun there is in undressing for a partner! It’s totally burlesque.

I think I’ll forever maintain that Spanx are a woman’s best friend. If you don’t wear these already I implore you to try them. You won’t be disappointed. It doesn’t matter how thin you may be already; Spanx are more than just shapers that smooth you out and make your ass extra perky. They also have bras that won’t cause bulges or show under your clothes, flattering bathing suits, and even men’s shape wear in the form of t-shirts. Not to mention they show no panty lines, so if you’re not in favor of thongs these are a great option. Don’t worry about being “fake”. Do you not already wear makeup and at least the occasional pushup bra? Turning our bodies into works of art is something we as human beings have the privilege of doing, so why not enjoy it?

In case Spanx aren’t enough for your tastes, I have something else that just may blow the minds of some of the more mainstream women out there: the corset. Let me dispel the myth right now that corsets are Victorian torture devices, or worn only by dominatrixes while doling out their own torture. I’m not talking about the weakly boned bustiers you can get at your typical lingerie store either, which actually do more harm than good. Not only is a quality corset very comfortable, but it can give you an incredible figure you’ve only ever dreamed of. I could of course go on about this, but there’s just so much to say that I will leave you in suspense until another article. Stay tuned!

2 comments on “Foundations: From the Ground Up

  1. Hi there! Your blog is marvelous! I loved the hair ideas and the corset’s posts (since I believe I’m the only vintage girl in Mexico who wear them on a regular basis). I haven’t checked all your blog yet, but I already love it. XOXO

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