Girdle Zone

Being heavily into corsets, I’ve never been particularly interested in girdles. I guess I’ve just always thought of them as a lesser kind of corset, a “corset light”, if you will. Nevertheless the thought of getting one has crossed my mind. Not everyone wants to be bound down to 20 inches at all times, but that hourglass shape is incredibly addicting nonetheless. I just don’t feel right without it.
So it was when I was browsing a message board dedicated to vintage lifestyles and clothing that I found mention of this website, Girdle Zone. I had to have a look.
This site is a lot bigger than I would ever have thought a site about girdles could be. But the fact is there is a lot to do with history, romance, politics, and our senses of self as women that’s all tied up in girdles and the way we perceive them among other notable kinds of underwear. I was immediately fascinated by all the psychology that goes into girdles, and I was pleased to see that they really do hold just as much mental power over us as corsets do.
So you may find that a girdle is a powerful and extremely pleasurable and sexy expression of your femininity, a protective exo-skeleton that grants a feeling of power, or you may feel that you associate them with a repressed pre-feminist time. Either way, you can’t look into the subject without having some sort of emotional reaction. I’ll let you decide for yourselves how you feel about these charged garments.

7 comments on “Girdle Zone

  1. Joan says:

    I remember when my Mother wore girdles! She stopped wearing them in the 70’s , and later regretted stopping this figure-training ritual! She said that wearing a girdle regularly really does help cinch in your waistline , and keeps your figure in an hourglass shape! Glad to hear that they’re regaining new popularity…..maybe I’ll get one! : )

  2. Virginian says:

    Glad you like the Girdle Zone site. I’ve tried to offer a tasteful but comprehensive exploration of the erotic aspects of the garment. Comments like yours give me reason to hope I’ve succeeded.

  3. Kris says:

    What specific type of girdle are you wearing in the picture? It is beautiful !!!

  4. toms0321 says:

    About 4 years ago I located a Professional Corsetier for a fitting in a girdle. As I became older I started to get a small belly that effected my posture sitting and standing. This just happens to us from the effect of gravity and age. I asked the corsetier if I should wear a corset, she recommended because I have a very active life style that a corset would resrict my movements and she recommended a long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle. I was complelty amazed when i put on this girdle how great I felt and looked, with dramatic increase in energy and confidence. Now I wear a girdle every and and I love it. Yes you do over a period of a few weeks become quite dependent on wearing a girdle but the benefits are fantastic.

  5. toms0321 says:

    Here is the difference that I learned between a corset and a vintage girdle. Corsets are really great for pulling and holding in your stomach and remolding your figure. It can take some time for a corset to reshape your figure. Once your figure is reshaped to hold your figure in place that is where you really should be everyday without question in a vintage girdle that is firm and boned to give your figure needed control and support.

    Come and visit us at to discuss girdles and corsets.

  6. Ray says:

    Can someone help me in finding out what happened to Lyn Locke, I was her photographer for a number of years, I can be reached at, thank you

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