Guest Blogger Juanita Talks About Online Shopping And Lolita Fashion

I write about what I know, but my style universe is a lot smaller than the big picture out there. This is, after all, an art form exercised by countless people with many different lifestyles, tastes, interests, and levels of expertise in different areas. So this is why I’ve started asking friends of mine to write up their own guest posts, so we can all get some insight into many of the different perspectives there are. Here’s my first guest blog post written by Juanita about our online shopping experience together.

Shopping is a skill that I generally lack, especially when done online. I like to stick to ‘safe’ clothing items, such as hoodies, t-shirts, and jeans. So I suppose you can conclude that I enjoy feeling comfortable in my clothes or as some would define as the ‘low maintenance’ look. It’s not that I don’t enjoy looking fabulous, who doesn’t? It’d just that I unfortunately lack the knowledge or the motivation to put any effort into my physical appearance.
This is where Victoria* interceded and provided the advice and assistance that I so desperately required to help polish my look for a night out of the town. She suggested shopping online for original items you cannot find in our lovely city. All I could think about was the mishaps of my latest purchases that looked ridiculous both on me and in my closet. I was slightly apprehensive, but I also knew that she had impeccable taste and would not let me purchase something that would look asinine on me.
So we browsed the web and looked at many different websites that I had never heard of before. The two that made a huge impression on me were Timeless Trends corsets and Retroscope Fashions, both from which I purchased items and have no regrets.
I have never owned a corset but have always admired the fashion from afar. It brings a certain elegance that has been lost through our current trends of shorter skirts and lower shirts. So as an inexperienced corset shopper I had no idea where to start. What’s my size? What should I start out with? What is considered good quality? Well I was in slightly over my head, but with Victoria’s guidance and the countless corsets she owns, all my questions were answered. I found my size and was able to try different styles and colors to give me an idea of what I would like. That’s one of the benefits of shopping with an experienced online consumer. However, if you do not have the advantage of knowing an expert adviser, the website provides a sizing chart that will enable you to find the appropriate size for your body as well as information about their corsets.

The boutique I am absolutely captivated by is Retroscope Fashions; it has your classic Victorian and Lolita styles, which are breathtaking. I am fascinated with the air of sophistication this style will give those who choose to wear it. I gladly embrace the style and was able to find a Lolita dress that solidified my new found addiction to it. My excitement could not be contained when my dress arrived in the mail and the excruciating dance of waiting to wear it out almost was too much for me.

Overall my online shopping experience was quite enjoyable. I found what I was looking for, learned a lot of valuable information, and acquired the confidence to shop online by myself.

*My name for the purposes of this blog.

One comment on “Guest Blogger Juanita Talks About Online Shopping And Lolita Fashion

  1. Mike says:

    Way to go Juanita. Well done.

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