Goth Rosary

People often say I know about the best products. The best girly products anyway. I certainly couldn’t consult you on what computer to buy, but when you want to feel glamorous I’m your woman. So here today I bring you one of my many very favorite things, Goth Rosary.
Goth Rosary is an online company that sells “uncommon scents for uncommon people,” but you certainly don’t have to be one of the spooky people to find something you’ll love here. First of all, the scents are interesting and fabulous. Do you love the smell of chocolate? A freshly cut lawn? Bon fires? Goth Rosary has got you covered. I’ve had 4 of their scents and I’ve loved all of them, especially Samhain, which smells like cloves and pumpkin. It’s spicy and sweet and really does remind you of Halloween. Plus they come in plastic bottles, which means they won’t break in your purse. When I first started purchasing from this site they had little more than perfume, but now the selection has grown to include lotions, shampoos, incense, and anything else you can think of that you would want in a great scent. This also means you can get everything to match, as we all know what happens when your different shampoo, soap, and perfume collide to form some strange confused beast of a smell. It’s nice to get a little consistency.
The best part about this company is by far the service. AntiSally started this business all on her own from what I know, and she is the sweetest lady you’ve never met. She even sends hugs at the end of her emails! She is so incredibly friendly and bends over backwards to keep her customers happy. I remember when she emailed everyone warning and apologizing that her perfumes were going to go up by just a dollar due to the rise in price of her all-natural ingredients. And just so you know, even though the business is mostly based on all things that smell good, she also makes custom rosaries that are just gorgeous.

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