Good Things About Winter

Fabulous is about appreciating the little things, so life feels more luxurious. I spend all year dreading winter, so here are a few things about it I actually love.

Tea. You can drink tea all year round, but it’s extra warm and comforting in the winter.

Sweater dresses. They’re so soft and cuddly!

Men with beards. See “Movember is Sexy.” Somehow they remind me of Victorian Christmases, and drinking hot chocolate in ski lodges.

Snow outside. Nobody can argue how beautiful it is.

Peppermint. The fresh and clean kind of delicious flavor is everywhere.

Relaxing jazz. Old school New Orleans jazz reaks of hot sexy summers, but this other kind makes you feel warm inside and is right at home in winter.

Bare branches. I don’t know, I just like them.

Staying at home wrapped in blankets when it’s freezing out. No more cabin fever when there’s nothing to do, now it’s awesome. It’s especially effective on a day off from work, while listening to GOOD holiday music and smelling baking.

The pictures on Etsy. This is a random one, I know. But they just capture the soft essence of each season so perfectly.


A word of warning to the other haters though: Don’t watch movies featuring hot locales. That’s just being mean to yourself.

One comment on “Good Things About Winter

  1. Mike says:

    I like winter as well. It’s possibly my favourite time of the year. PRESENTSSSSSSS!

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