Freakin’ Fabulous

I never used to care either way for Clinton Kelly. To me he was just another prep on TV telling people how to dress. Now, I think he’s hilarious. I can’t think of one other person who could make a grammar lesson funny. If you still think a book containing grammar lessons is a terrible idea, consider that it also has style advice (duh) which is actually more useful than condescending, great inexpensive tips for home decorating, tons of easy yet amazingly decadent recipes for food AND drink, and some much-needed lessons in manners. It’s not the book about clothes you would expect from a host of What Not To Wear, but an entire lifestyle book that anyone can follow with nearly flawless results if they really commit. I’ve picked it up many times since reading it just for reference. Incredibly useful AND entertaining? Thank you, Sir!

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And a little holiday tip from me: This year consider giving your friends the gift of NOT lying, gossiping, and saying nasty things behind their backs. I promise they’ll appreciate it MUCH more than a stupid hat or something.

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