Taking a Stand Against the LBD

All too often you hear the LBD, that’s the Little Black Dress, being touted as THE must-have clothing item for women. That it’s something you just can’t live without because it’s perfect for day or night, and almost every occasion. But I’m writing here now to take a stand against the LBD, sort of. Why is that?
The little black dress is not a crutch.
I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to own. I myself don’t own one, by some mind-boggling freak occurrence, but I think it’s something that I really should have. I agree with what they say that it’s great for every occasion, but often I see this being said as though when it comes to dressing we’re expected to be these shrinking violets, these shy, delicate little things who have every reason to be terrified of making even the slightest fashion faux-pas. Well nuts to that!
Fashion is not a formula, it’s an art form, and I’m convinced that the best results are achieved when it’s treated as such. Sure you can accessorize to your heart’s content, but the whole reason the LBD is so popular is due to its simplicity. Simplicity is a great thing, don’t get me wrong, but taken to its extreme, especially when it’s almost the only thing people see you in, it comes across as just plain BORING. So much so that in the effort to be perfect, to never make a fashion mistake, you run a huge risk of not only fading into the background, but looking just like every other woman around you who was playing it safe. And that’s a mistake in itself.
There are definitely some times when you’re going to be completely at a loss for what to wear. Sometimes you’ll want to be extra simple, extra sleek, have that easy sophistication that we all love. And that’s ok. I would never tell anyone not to wear something that they truly WANT to wear. I just don’t think it’s ok to come to rely on it absolutely every time the occasion calls for you to wear anything beyond a pair of jeans. The whole thing almost seems to encourage laziness, while putting some effort into your look beyond that can actually be a lot of fun that you could be missing out on. That’s not fair to you at all.

If you do choose to wear a little black dress, I have one favorite tip I’d like to share with you: red shoes. As someone who’s been involved in the goth community for many years, I’ve learned something very important, and that’s that there’s a difference between looking dark and looking depressing. Head to toe black can look flat, sometimes sad. A pop of red shoes takes it to the next level, from afternoon at a funeral to night on the town, and will help that dress from fading into the background. You can go with any color you like, preferably a bright one, I just find red is the sexiest. A matching hair clip, belt, and bag complete the look for a result that’s far from boring. So you see, even when playing it safe a little creativity can go a very long way.

So I’m going to continue my search for my own perfect little black dress, and just hope that I don’t have to wear it too often 😉

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