Ugly Boots Are The New Thing

I’m starting to have some real issues with the boot designing people. I’ve never liked trends, but this wasn’t really a problem until these trends took over to the point where I couldn’t even find something absolutely basic and non-hideous.
I used to get these knee high lace up boots at Walmart every year. They had a nice sturdy heel of non-prostitute height, and were all around comfortable, attractive, and went with everything. They were even both warm and cheap. They were the jackpot of boots. The only problem was that because they were from Walmart, they only lasted a year and then I had to get a new pair.
And now for the first time I couldn’t find them, because they were made by a Canadian brand and they’re now switching over to carrying strictly American merchandise. It had me pretty unreasonably pissed off, but that’s because THIS is the kind of thing that replaced them.

I must say, this sudden appearance of clogs and ruched boots is extremely disturbing. Everywhere I go I see only 2 things. Super high stilettos, which are IDIOCY when planning to wear them in a world of icy sidewalks where at times the snow gets near up to your knees, and FLATS. And they’re all that nasty baggy saggy “slouch” style. When the hell did people start liking that? Forgive me if I’m wrong but I thought anything “baggy and saggy” in relation to women was a BAD thing. *shudder* Not to mention these Ugg things and knitted boots that have me thinking ratty bedroom slippers are becoming popular outerwear, and we will all soon be witnesses to the apocalypse. At least in a fashion sense.

Let me tell you again, that comfortable and attractive do NOT need to be independent of each other. Such notions can only come from people who have never heard of the terms “moderation” and “middle ground”, maybe even “common sense”. A heel can exist without being 5 inches high and the width of a pencil, and calves can show off the shape of your legs while still being perfectly warm.

Or maybe, not anymore. In a world of Ugg boots and sweatpants being worn in public by every girl around me, I think I just stepped out of a time machine into anti-sexy land.

Oh, and while browsing the net I also found THESE. God help us.

6 comments on “Ugly Boots Are The New Thing

  1. aimee says:

    speaking of boots. i have been in search for a good pair all winter! problem: i’m looking for something stupidly specific. leather in either brown or black, mid calf to nearly knee, flat sole, and buttoned up the side like the victorian era standard. basically what the girl wears in true grit. any chance you’ve ever come across this?

  2. From what I can tell they no longer make them. If they did they would cost 600-1000$, according to the other Lanvin prices! I tried finding them or something very similar on eBay for you too and nothing came up 😦

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