My Thoughts on Weight

I do agree that anyone who is unhealthy should do whatever they can to become so. Of course it’s not that simple. The media has poisoned us to make a lot of us feel not good enough when we really are. Even if you are losing weight in order to be healthier, it can be a tough road when you hate the way you look. A person needs a certain amount of motivation. I’m not here to give you diet advice, I can’t do that. But I do have some thoughts on the matter.

-Don’t look to the wrong role models. Of course you’re going to feel bad about yourself if you’re a size 10 and you keep dwelling on images of girls who are a size 2. The truth is, beauty has no size. Find pictures and role models in beautiful women who are the same size as you. I don’t care what you say, they ARE out there, and I’ve tried to include some in this very article to get you started.

-You don’t look as bad as you think you do. In fact you’re likely very beautiful and just need a way to see it. We are our own worst critics. You probably look at least twice as good to other people as you do to yourself. Don’t dwell on your flaws. Believe me, nobody else will.

-Food is one of the major pleasures in life. If you starve yourself you WILL be miserable, and then what the hell is the point anyway? You don’t need to eat junk, but you should absolutely find food that you truly enjoy. Take your time to focus on and enjoy your food. If you eat in a rush or while distracted, you’ll lose out and continue to feel deprived and want more than you need. This goes for everything you have. Stop and smell the roses. Don’t take anything for granted. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this simple change in attitude will enrich your life and make you feel like you have more.

-The right underwear makes all the difference. And they DO come more attractive than Spanx. Even though Spanx ARE awesome.

-Love yourself. I mean this on every level. Don’t mentally abuse yourself by beating yourself up in the mirror, and don’t abuse your body by starving or neglecting it. Do things that make you feel good, like taking a hot bath, getting a hair cut, and even just using perfume. Show yourself compassion and respect in every way you know how.

-Remember that the world is really screwed up, and that’s not a reflection on you. Very few people are naturally a size 2, and it’s wrong for the media to promote the idea that it’s just that normal. It’s also wrong for them to promote the idea that only skinny women are attractive. Everybody is different. They look different and have different preferences in the way that other people look. You’d be amazed to find out just how many people think you’re PERFECT, just as you are at this minute. Hell, most women SHOULD be a little round, that what makes them soft and sexy women! Oomph! Ignore mean or stupid people. They don’t have your best interest in mind.

I don’t know how else to conclude this but to say that you don’t need to change who you are. Just be your best self. You are awesome.

2 comments on “My Thoughts on Weight

  1. Shari says:

    Gosh, its like you were in my mind! I was actually planning on writing a post VERY similar to this! I went through a similar thing and when I came out of it, the same understanding I got you posted in this blog. Everyone is truly beautiful. And the links you posted got me very excited! who would have known there was such great underwear in london, UK? YEA!

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