Fast Flats

I hate shoes and shoes hate me! Well… no, I don’t hate shoes. Actually I have quite a strong love developing for extremely tacky and obnoxious ones. But they do hate me. I feel like I’ve spent my whole life trying to find shoes that don’t give me blisters and aren’t just plain wrong. If you’ll believe it, I’ve even made myself a pair of sandals using cardboard and duct tape. Ok yes, that was probably also just plain wrong. But they didn’t hurt. That’s how desperate I was. I’ve gone many summers mostly barefoot. It was seriously a better alternative to walk on pebbles than to come home from a nice walk bleeding from 3 different places.

So I was extremely interested when I first saw the commercial for Dr. Scholls For Her Fast Flats. Something to come to the rescue when my pretty shoes are killing me, without having to lug around a plastic bag of runners or something. About a month ago I finally got a pair.

Fast Flats are a lot like slippers. They are quite comfortable, but they wouldn’t be very good for long periods spent on your feet. They’re not meant to be treated as ordinary shoes but more of a temporary solution. Which is fine. I wore them the whole time I was at a convention, and it kind of felt like I was going barefoot without all those pesky hygiene issues. They also don’t do the best job of staying on securely, as the heels are always coming off. So they don’t go above and beyond, but they do deliver exactly what they describe. I wouldn’t leave the house without them now.

While reading another review on them however, I did learn that they were basically a knock-off of Footzyrolls, the original portable flat shoe. I haven’t tried these, but according to what I’ve read from their customers they’re more comfortable, and they come in a ton of different styles, as opposed to the Fast Flats which are just basic black ballet flats. Footzyrolls come in different colors, fabrics, and shoe styles. I particularly like the idea of white ones for a long night of dancing on your wedding day. And they’re good for more long-term wear. I should also mention that they have the bonus of coming packaged with a larger bag to store your heels in once you’ve “given them the boot” for the day. Sorry.

So these are both good products, I guess it just depends on what your needs are, whether you need a “just in case” item or a slightly more serious shoe. Either way, every woman should have at least one pair of either.

3 comments on “Fast Flats

  1. These are really great! I love high heels but my feet always suffer. Thank God for these fast flats!

  2. laney says:

    Any idea where/how I could knock-offs of these to give as favours at a wedding? Thanks so much!

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