Shredded Skirt Tutorial

Let me just start by saying I can’t sew worth jack. I wish I could, but the very thought of trying to calculate a proper pattern sends me running. Nevertheless, I was inspired to sew a skirt based on this gorgeous item below, and with minimal effort and about 4 hours time I did a pretty decent job whipping up a black and white shredded zombie looking skirt/bustle combination. Here’s how I did it.

Isn't Etsy amazing?

You can use any fabric you want, depending on the look you’re going for. The one in the image is very romantic because of the fancy brocades, but you can use something more casual if you like your clothes more on the punk side of things. I used pinstripe suiting I had lying around, and some complimentary white cotton squares with black swirl designs.
For the waistband you can use either elastic or just a simple ribbon like I did. Just make sure it will fit around your waist/hips and you have enough slack to tie it off if you use ribbon.

Get your fabric and cut random jagged scraps out of it. Start cutting them the general length you want the skirt to be, and you can build on that with all different shorter lengths later. Fold the top of each piece over your waistband and sew it down. If you don’t sew it directly to the waistband, this will allow you to slide it across so you can gather it all in the back if you want to wear it as a bustle. Sew the base pieces together from the top stopping just low enough not to risk flashing anybody through them when you walk, dance, or bend over, unless you intend to always wear something else underneath.

My friend Jesi, in a skirt she made using my method. Pictured with a short black crinoline underneath.

Cut more jagged scraps from your fabric and sew it to random places all over. It works best if you haphazardly gather the top instead of sewing it flat. Tweak and embellish as desired. That’s it!

This one has a top layer full of holes. Also from Etsy.

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