Pants, a skirt that doesn’t qualify as a belt, something, please (and no, leggings and tights do NOT qualify). A disturbing trend has overtaken the “kids today”, and it needs to be said once and for all, we DON’T want to see your ass. I think somewhere down the line the definitions of “sexy” and “naked” got incredibly confused and created some weird hybrid creature we now know as “trash”. Except so many fail to realize is that this is trash, and not attractive in the least. Sure some guys might like it, but only tasteless dicks, and only for a night. Please ladies, for the love of god have a little self-respect. Equality for the sexes isn’t going to get anywhere if you’re all stripping for free. Sexy and classy don’t have to be independent of each other, okay?
Now just what the hell brought on this rant? Well I admit it’s been bubbling under the surface of many of my posts made so far, but just recently I came upon this gem of a blog, FindYourPants@wordpress.com. Amen! This blogger has taken up this cause with enthusiasm, and you don’t want to be among the atrocities on this page. Nor do I want to see you looking like you’re at the gym when you’re not, or like you just rolled out of bed and into the street. When exactly did this happen to us?? Unfortunately I don’t think it will ever stop, but you as an individual CAN lead by example. Remember how in my very first post I said you are a role model for how to look good? No? Go read it. You CAN put some real clothes on and look amazing, and show other girls that they can also put clothes on and look amazing. Go on, off you go.

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