Drawn and Plastered, Inspiration Emporium

Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 23rd, because the very first Drawn and Plastered has arrived!

So what the hell is that? It all started at my friend Holly’s birthday party. We were talking about art events held in cities around the world for artists to gather for a “drink and draw” night. Models pose, and artists come to sketch them. It’s all pretty simple. Actually, almost too simple. And it was definitely true that they had their flaws. Attendees mentioned how slapped together they seemed, how uninspiring the locations were, and how the models just never seemed to be facing the right direction to where you were sitting. Holly KNEW we could do better. And as we talked, the idea grew. We wanted it to be inclusive to all art forms, not just drawing. Our events would accommodate photography, fashion design, handcrafted merchandise, and even performance art. Our events would also be heavily themed, in order to generate a specific atmosphere to inspire the artists, and to give them focus while allowing for even more opportunity for everyone to participate, no matter what their style. Oh, and the models would also be dispersed, with some even in character walking the floor, so everybody could get a good view. Our event would ROCK.

Within only 2 weeks we exploded. The ideas engine was jam packed with exciting things, and everyone was extremely enthusiastic to the idea – Holly had secured the sponsorship of the Cre8tery art supply shop, and we were offered Saturday to hold the event at the Academy instead of the intended weekday slot we thought we would be bound to. Things continue to look even better as time goes on. We were recently offered the sponsorship of Kinky Konnections, and just today I got Gags Unlimited on board as well! Most amazing of all, we’ve recently received news of interest in starting a second branch in Alberta! It’s almost too great to believe. But one thing at a time.

So what can you expect at the first Drawn and Plastered? Victorian Asylum: a Descent into Madness. Consider a Victorian Mental hospital with more than a touch of magic. The models will be a colorful group of mental patients, some of which believe themselves to be the nurses. Renfield himself will be the DJ. And the performance will HOPEFULLY be lead by an escape artist trying to work his way out of a straight jacket. The event will be followed by an INSANE after party. You really won’t want to miss this.

So gather up your art supplies and creative energy and come see us at Drawn and Plastered at The Academy, 10pm July 23rd. And of course, make sure you check out the website where you can learn more about the events, contribute, network with other artists, and show off your creations! We look forward to seeing you!




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