Conair Ionic Hot Rollers

So as you know by now if you’ve been reading this blog regularly, I got my hair cut a (long) while ago and ended up having it styled in a fairly sleek and modern way. It wasn’t quite what I was going for that day but I did like it enough to want to do it myself once in a while. I tried this by copying exactly what the stylist did, which taught me something very important. The trick to getting curls to work with a curling iron, if your hair is not of the cooperating type, is to pin the curl after making it until it cools. This improves the situation dramatically. And a little off-topic, but doing this with a small barrel curling iron is what a “dry” pin curl is, achieving pin curls with heat instead of moisture.

Anyway, this wasn’t too hard to recreate. I couldn’t get the curls to stay pinned in that perfectly upright even way that almost looked like a weird hairstyle in itself, but it totally worked. I learned something new! The problem was that it took way too damn long. So I wanted some hot rollers so I could do essentially the same thing, but speed it up for early morning situations. Options are always great, and this would be a change from my typical 40s look if I ever got a little bored. I called my mom to ask her if she still had her old ones, assuming she wouldn’t be using them since cutting her hair short, but they were already long gone. Next thing I new, she had gone and bought me my own set! Not only that, but it was apparently the best one they had. Holy crap, thanks!

So now that my long-ass back story is basically finished, on to the review. And since trying them out that first night, I MUST review them, because I don’t know how I ever lived without them before.

First of all, they are indeed as quick as I expected them to be. They take about ten minutes to put in, and 20 minutes to cool off. That’s a perfect amount of time to wait while I get dressed and put my makeup on, so it doesn’t really add much time to my morning routine. Hooray for multi-tasking! I was extremely worried at first about burning my fingers, but while they were quite hot, I didn’t. You just have to keep your fingers moving and everything will be fine; don’t just sit there holding on to a fully heated hot roller. There’s even a place on the unit to heat up the clips, so you get heat from inside and out, making things a lot quicker and more efficient. I found that when you’re curling the bang area it’s too hot to have that clip lying against your head if it flops over a bit, so just stick a little tissue under there to protect your forehead. So the heat level was great, and I’ll get back to this too because the benefit was two-fold.

Speaking of the clips, I love them. I remember my mom’s old set having pins, and they were impossible to use. I could never get them to stay. And according to a lot of the hair tutorials I’ve seen, it’s very common for girls to swap out these pins for claw clips. The Conair hot roller set actually uses claw clips! So there’s no denting, they don’t poke your head, and they’re a lot easier to use. And they MOSTLY stay in place easier. Mostly, because – and this is the only con I can see to this item – I’ve found they don’t like to stay onto the biggest size rollers. I’ve had enough of them pop out that I just stopped using that size. For me this is not such a big deal, I don’t need the whole set to curl my whole head, and I like using the smaller sizes anyway.

My first set with the hot rollers. Quite nice if I do say so myself.

For me, where this product really shines is that because it’s such a quick alternative to a wet set, I’ve found it to be invaluable to saving my hair when that fails, which is surprisingly often. In fact I’ve already used them for this purpose three times this week, today included, and now I don’t have to worry anymore about going out in public with one side of my hair curly and the other straight, or the whole thing straight because that was the only way to even it out. That always felt like such a waste of effort, and I don’t like having straight hair. Blah. Now, problem solved!

And speaking of the heat level again, the best part about this is that since they don’t get as hot as a curling iron, they don’t seem to loosen or undo the curls that DID work. At least half of my effort doesn’t go to waste, and the remaining curls can now be salvaged. And the results are even enough that nobody would notice what a mess I woke up with that morning. I’m extremely grateful to have these.

So if you’re going for a modern curled style or need “vintage hair insurance”, I’m sure you’ll love these hot rollers.

4 comments on “Conair Ionic Hot Rollers

  1. Janet says:

    I love how your hair looks here! Would you be able to post a photo of what your hair curler setting looks like? Thanks!

  2. Janet says:

    Oops. Sorry, disregard me. I went back and found it for myself.

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