Drawn and Plastered’s Spectacular Imagination Emporium!


This month Drawn and Plastered gets freaky, and we couldn’t be more excited!
Sometimes while working to inspire others, we get inspired ourselves. We loved what the Fringe was doing this year and wanted to be part of it. We may have had to push back these plans a month, but finally here comes the circus! It’s the greatest show on earth, and you won’t be disappointed.
Not only will we have models never before seen at Drawn and Plastered, but we will also have amazing performances by Antony Keith doing his magic act, Jenna Jane spinning rings of light, and other big surprises you’ll just have to wait for. Drinks like The Lion Tamer will keep your head spinning, music by Stolen Babies and Squirrel Nut Zippers will keep your toes tapping, and freaks will keep your mouths gaping. It’s hard to describe just how intense this show is bound to be. We suggest you bring along LOTS of different colors, and of course a little glitter couldn’t hurt either.

While you’re there, don’t forget to take a little trip to check out the wares being sold by one of our newest sponsors, The Foxy Shoppe, who offers the most gorgeous dresses and corsets, some of which will be displayed on our wonderful models. We’d also like to thank Gags Unlimited for their generous supply of balloons and other decore that no circus event could be without.

So get ready for a little magic, a little wonder, and lots of imagination. Here comes the circus!

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