Diva Cup

Now if you’re a guy, or otherwise too dainty, I urge you to not read the rest of this article. I know this sounds embarrassingly like an ad, but really, it will make every woman out there very, very happy. Consider this a public service announcement for women everywhere. I just can’t not talk about the amazing Diva Cup.
Every woman hates her period. You hate constantly making sure you’re stocked up on supplies, keeping an eye on the clock until it’s time to change your pad or tampon, and the thought of being away from a bathroom for a long period of time is unpleasant to say the least. And think of all the wasted money and waste going into the landfills. No thanks.
The Diva Cup takes care of ALL of that. Seriously. Actually these used to be popular back in the early 20th century, the 30s I think, but then the craze for disposable items began and the memory of the menstrual cup was all but lost. It’s only in this day and age of going green that it’s been rediscovered, and boy am I ever happy it was. The Diva Cup is a surgical silicone cup that can be left in for up to 12 hours at a time. Since it’s non absorbent there’s no risk of TSS. And since it’s vacuum sealed inside you there’s no risk of leaking at all, once you get the hang of using it, which takes about 3 months, so just hang in there. When you’re ready you just dump it, rinse it, re-insert, and carry on with your day. It pays for itself in only 3 months and lasts at least 10 years. You just boil it between cycles to sterilize it.

I’ve heard some women say that the thought of seeing their own blood is gross, so they would rather not try this. But honestly how gross is putting bleached cotton inside your body to act as a moist bacteria magnet? THAT is disgusting. For me to talk about every reason why this is one of God’s gifts to women would take ages, but I will summarize here and urge you as much as I can to visit the website to learn more, and buy one right now.
It’s cheap, it’s green, it’s convenient as hell, it’s much healthier, and it absolutely WORKS. You’re welcome!

One comment on “Diva Cup

  1. jaguar1850 says:

    The fact that it is more safe for nature says to me that it is more suitable for my body than disposable sanitary products. It seems more natural. I am interstested in hearing more. Thank you for the website info.

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