Pajamas in Public – An Open Letter

Calling all People of Walmart, it’s RANT TIME!! An open letter to people who can’t be bothered to put real clothes on in public. Clearly I feel strongly about this. VERY strongly. For the record, I’m not angry. I’m not even in a bad mood. I just made myself some spicy cheesy soup and I’m enjoying my day off. Instead I’m disgusted. For Christ sakes…

Come on guys, really? Sweatpants and pajamas OUTSIDE the house? You have all got to be kidding me.
You look ridiculous. You look like a defeated George Costanza, and there’s nothing cute about that. Please, for the love of god just stop. Every time I see this I wonder how people could disrespect themselves and the people around them so much that they can’t be bothered to perform such a basic human function. Did I somehow miss the memo that today was Pajama Day in the spirit week of the world?
This shit is not ok. You look GROSS.

You say it’s about comfort. Um, did I just hear that right? You’re so very delicate you can’t handle real actual clothes of any kind? Time to call your mommy and have her drive you to the doctor, because that makes me think there is something very wrong with you. People in care homes dress better than this. I know, I’ve worked in one.
It’s not even JUST about looks. If it was I wouldn’t care. Your incomprehensibly bad taste is none of my business. But this is just pathetic, rude, and beyond inappropriate. It also makes me wonder how you handle having a job. That requires more than actual clothes, it requires a little dignity. It requires respect for the people around you. It requires effort, and motivation to do even more than just get dressed in the morning.

Real clothes are not that hard to do. Real clothes are not that harsh or uncomfortable. Real clothes do not mean donning a ball gown or a tuxedo. There are only a few instances when pajamas or sweatpants in public are ok. Being physically disabled, being very ill, or being at the gym. Maybe if you’ll be swinging through a drive-thru and won’t be getting out of the car you can let it slide. Oh yeah, and Pajama Day during spirit week. Knock yourselves out.

A sexy beast, this one.

Seriously guys, you look like complete idiots. Even my laid back anti-fashion husband in the ripped jeans and old tshirts gets catty and makes fun of you. A lot.
This is just beyond sad. Where exactly will we go from here? Can anybody explain this in some way that makes sense? Speak up and redeem the whole confusing group? And don’t you DARE say the word “comfortable.”

This girl knows what’s up

And P.S., those tight little buns on the tops of your heads make you look like a deranged teletubbie.
Now go on and be offended, you’re clearly very delicate.

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