Jupiter Moon 3 Corsets

One fun and scary thing about custom corsets is you never know exactly what you’re going to get. Each one is completely unique, made just for you and a combination of your design specifications and the corset maker’s interpretation of your ideas. I recently had the great pleasure of trying Jupiter Moon 3 for the first time. As far as my own experience goes, I think she’s the best yet.

So I guess I’ll start from the beginning. I’m off standard corsets, but I’m no designer. I have zero talent for it, though ordering custom does require you to be able to pull some sort of idea out of your ass so the corset maker knows what to do. My idea took months to refine, and I’m sure my friends are still making fun of me for how much I agonized over every last detail. But you must understand, my money needs to go a long way, and I am very, very fussy when it comes to my corsets. I can find fault with absolutely anything.

The design I finally settled on was powder blue satin with black lace over the hips and f-hole shaped appliques over the front and back with a matching bra. This underbust + bra arrangement is absolutely genius by the way. For the price of the bra your corset can now be worn as both an underbust and overbust, and you have a sexy fancy new bra too. Once I had finalized my design I came across this, which happened to be just so similar it became my inspiration, even after the fact. This is what I aspired my corset to be.

You’re drooling now, aren’t you? Anyway, the process took a while because Jennifer, the lady behind Jupiter Moon 3, is a very busy lady indeed. I let her know that it was imperative that I have my corset by mid-August so I would have time to break it in before Toronto Fan Expo, and that as long as that happened I was happy. I got exactly what I asked for. I admit I had started to worry, but she shipped express to make sure I had it, and got a tracking number too just in case. I’m extremely grateful.

What I got was not what had been in my head, but it is definitely what I had described, and it is just so completely gorgeous. This is the kind of corset you fantasize about. This is the kind of corset you get married in. I want to wear it every day for the rest of my life. Because it works under clothes, I think I will. I’m sitting around on my couch in it right now with my hair in rollers, just because. The lace at the sides contours over the top of the hips and around the waist, connecting to the appliques in front and back. The appliques most definitely don’t look just like f-holes, but I image that would be pretty damn hard to find, and they resemble the example images I sent so exactly I wonder if those aren’t the ones she got for me. They even have little sequins in them for a bit of sparkle. Because I had decided not to get lace trim at the top, the bra creates a perfect overbust effect when worn with it. It’s exactly what I had hoped for.

Another thing I noticed – even before I opened the package because it was smaller than I expected – was that the corset is VERY light. Typical corsets have a few layers of heavy coutil and spiral steel bones, which have some heft to them. In fact if you never saw this corset on a person you might assume it was plastic just to hold it. It’s really pretty amazing. But the bones are indeed steel, flat, not spiral, and there are 3 layers of fabric in the design. The lining is super soft cotton. This would make a fantastic summer corset. And despite this it absolutely is capable of giving me the exact shape I need with the right amount of reduction.

The busk in front has a very soft curve to it almost reminiscent of a spoon busk, or maybe it’s just the perfect amount of flexible, that my tummy is held in while I still get waist compression from the front, which is rare since most busks are super straight and rigid, so I find this such a bonus. The bones at the back don’t buckle EVEN when I bend over with the laces untied, and the fabric doesn’t bubble either. You read that right, I can bend over – at the waist. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not so flexible it flops around giving you no support. But when I really need to I can bed just enough to get my business done in the bathroom and get out of a car. And what a difference that makes when you wear a corset every day. It’s strong and it fits and it lets me move and holy crap it’s so damn comfortable. I’m super impressed.

Would I recommend Jupiter Moon 3? Yes. Jupiter Moon 3 shows every sign of being everything I’ve been looking for. I will definitely be ordering from her again, as soon as I can afford it, and I’ll be doing it with confidence. I think I may have found The One.

3 comments on “Jupiter Moon 3 Corsets

  1. Katrina says:

    Hi, thank you for such a fantastic blog! definitly my favourite. are you still enjoying the Jupiter Moon 3 corset? it is so difficult to find a good corset maker that doesn’t cost the earth. i ordered my first one a few months back- an off the rack one, while it was beautiful and seemed well made i found that it was bruising my hip bones after a few hours wear and not giving me much shape- this was still in the breaking in period! while i’m only after a 4 inch waist reduction i would like it for daily wear- i get married next year so am also looking to order one later to make the centerpiece of my dress… so in light of all this…is your Jupiter Moon corset still comfortable and working well? i really hope so!

    • Ah, I totally know the feeling of trying to find a good corset you can afford. It’s tough when the norm out there is upwards of 400$. And you’re totally right about off the rack corsets not offering much shape. Many off the rack corsets will even make you look LESS curvy in them. That’s always confused me, it’s almost like they don’t know what a corset is actually for. Jupiter Moon has a fairly low base price and charges just for the extras you order, so you always get exactly what you pay for. And unless you request otherwise, her corsets give a reduction of 5 inches, which you will actually be able to make use of as opposed to an off the rack corset since all measurements will be correct for you. I’ve been wearing my Jupiter Moon corset about 5-6 days a week for a month now and so far so good! It’s extremely comfortable and I can’t wait to get another one. If only I could figure out how to stop the laces from twisting I’d be golden lol.

      • Katrina says:

        thats exactly it! the last one i ordered made me look like a cylinder- i had been hoping for hourglass not cuban cigar lol. so the good news, i have sent an email to Jupiter Moon 3 and am emailing off the order form as soon as i get to work in the morning 🙂 quite nervous about this but i am really hoping it all turns out well. especialyl since my wedding dress may depend on how this goes, have you ever tired to search corset wedding dress or a variation of that? it comes up with a whole bunch of dresses with no reduction at all. you can’t just stick lacing at the back of something and say it’s a corset. you just can’t. ok rant done lol.
        also, great shade of red lipstick in the pic, and thank you for your feedback- it was a great help 🙂

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