Book Reviewing for Sub-Genres Winnipeg

Sorry I haven’t posted today’s scheduled article yet, I forgot to upload some pictures last night. I swear I’ll be getting to it ASAP. However right now I have some pretty cool news to share, so consider this a bonus post for May.

Considering I write in social media for a living, it’s nice to stretch out creatively once in a while. Just spread my ass all over this big damn page and say what I really feel. This blog here of course is one of those places, and because it’s mine I get to say “ass” as much as I want, but I’ve just been given a new one writing book reviews for Sub-Genres Winnipeg. Of course I’m an obsessive reader, but what I read doesn’t tend to fit the theme of this glamour-centric little part of the internet, so reviews here have been rare. If any of you ladies and fabulous dudes DO give a crap about history and ghost stories and whatever else I find myself buried in, please let me know. Ask and you shall receive.

To start with, these reviews will for the most part be style-oriented, because I started out by submitted my old stockpile of reviews that you’ll find archived here. But over time this will broaden. Currently I’m working on a review of The Nun’s Story, which shockingly enough involves not just prayer and serenity (and the same outfit every day) but murder and intrigue. And it’s based on true events! So if you’re sick of listening to me babble on about pin curls and corsets, hop on over to the Sub-Genres site. I’ll take requests on a limited basis so if there’s something you want reviewed that I’ve read somewhat recently or plan to read soon, you got it.

Happy reading!

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