Enough of the Haterade Over the Royal Baby

Wow, here I am, defending a BABY and his two responsible, loving, married parents, who’s job it was to have a baby and they did.

Ridiculous, isn’t? Why should that even need to be defended?

I’m sure you never expected to hear this from me, as a childfree person, but guess what. Common sense still rules the day and just because I’m more-or-less anti-baby-having, does not mean that nobody is allowed to have a kid ever and we shouldn’t be happy for them if they do it on purpose and can clearly afford it. All this hate-on for the royal baby is ridiculous if you ask me. It’s not *just another baby* as they keep claiming. This is royalty. And whether you agree with having a monarchy or not, you can’t argue that this is history we’re witnessing here. It’s neat, to say the least. And his parents seem to be genuinely good people, not spoiled dictators screaming “let them eat cake!” at the lowly peasants. This is what royal families do. They have kids. And when the parents are putting forth an effort to support charities and causes and all this other stuff, those are people who SHOULD be parents. I think they’re going to raise this kid right.

I’ve heard it being questioned what would happen if the kid was gay, or trans, or childfree. Or just didn’t feel like ruling. You know what? I wouldn’t worry about it. The younger members of the royal family at least don’t strike me as the bigoted type. They’re not Texas republicans after all. In fact they just passed through a change that gives women equal rights to men when it comes to inheriting the throne. This is a MAJOR change for a family so firmly based on tradition in absolutely every detail, and I applaud them for that. Besides, this has actually happened before. Elizabeth I had no husband and no kids. Her cousin just took over for her instead. Then we have Edward VIII who just plum took off, and OMG WHAT ARE WE GOING TO D- Oh, he has a brother. That’s right, it’s a big family. No need to panic now. Here they are now still going strong. As they will continue to do, even if only symbolically one day.

What’s even more absurd is people commenting on what surely now must be Kate Middleton’s “huge gaping maw” of a vagina. Aside from the fact that that is a disgusting choice of words, I have two major problems with this. Mainly that a woman’s private parts should not be up for discussion. Neither should a man’s. That is their own personal business. The same people laughing on about this are the same ones telling politicians to keep their policies off their bodies, so what makes them any better? What’s with the glaring hypocrisy? And again as I said above, I think she and her husband are going to be great parents. This is a happy time for them and you must be a pretty miserable person to turn this into something negative. 99% of the news out there is negative and one happy story comes along and people have to crap all over it. It does not affect you. If you’re sick of hearing about it on the news I can totally appreciate that, but maybe that just means it’s time to turn off the TV and go for a walk. You’re not going to get accosted by the royal family out there forcing you to click “like” on all their baby photos. And I promise they will be a lot more discreet than your friends who post pictures of the kid on the toilet. Give them a break and just let them be happy.

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