The All Natural Face – Cleanser & Makeup Remover

While I don’t have any issues with the food chain itself per se, I do have an issue with animal cruelty, and I find it especially unnecessary when it comes to our appearance. So for this reason and because I’ve been gradually switching to a more earth-friendly lifestyle, I was excited to try out a few vegan products from The All Natural Face.

I have extremely sensitive skin, and I have to tell you, a bonus of not cleansing with chemical detergents means it’s not being irritated for the first time in about 15 years. My face isn’t getting puffy and red when I wash it, and this is so unusual to me I almost doubt whether it’s actually clean. I had no idea I was even doing anything wrong before until I switched. I always thought my skin was bad, and it turns out it probably isn’t. It’s just that my “gentle” commercial cleansers still weren’t gentle enough. Because as soon as I stopped, well holy crap, everything started getting back in order.

I didn’t need any new makeup when I first started browsing, but I was determined to switch to a natural cleanser (I used castile soap to great effect until this arrived), so I bought the Luscious Lavender Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover and Oil Makeup Remover Pads. All the products from this company are extremely affordable at about the same or less than what you would pay in a drug store, shipping is so cheap you’ll think there was a glitch, and anything that comes in a container can be purchased as a refill instead of an entirely new item. It’s generally assumed that truly all-natural products are expensive, but this isn’t at all the case here.

The cleanser smells and looks a lot like yogurt. And it feels like yogurt too. It doesn’t lather at all like a traditional cleanser, so this is a bit weird and takes some getting used to. But unlike actually attempting to use food to wash your face, it works amazingly well. With my old cleanser I always had to rub my eyes really hard to get my makeup off, but this takes very little effort. Afterwards my face feels super clean but with no tightness or residue. It’s just pure, clean skin. And my eyes don’t sting from it either! Great stuff!

The oil pads have no scent at all, and are very small. I was concerned that they wouldn’t be enough to clean my whole face. I use both sides, but I don’t quite need two. If you need a second, the low price should keep you from being too concerned. One big difference between these cleansing pads and what you may be used to is that they don’t clean with your idea of a traditional cleanser but with a mixture of different plant oils. It does make your face oily, but it’s not in a bad way. It’s a nice moisturizing kind of oil, and you just give it a quick rinse afterwards. It leaves my skin feeling really nicely moisturized, and that really is a first. Over time I’m even noticing that I’m waking up much less greasy than I used to. The reason for this is when you use oils on your face that mimic your skin’s natural oils, it no longer feels the need to produce more to compensate from any drying you may have done to it from regular soap. So even though the oil is another thing to get used to, it’s still totally worth it in the end.

For stuff that works this well, for less than I would pay at Walmart even after shipping, this stuff is winning all the way. And after only two weeks of use, my skin looks a lot better. If I had to run out of the house without makeup on, I wouldn’t be all that embarrassed anymore. And when I run out of any makeup items I have I’m going to give this brand a try for that, too. Who knows how great I’ll look then. And besides, karma looks great on everybody.

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