Fall/Winter Fashion – Leggings!

I’m not much of a pants person. Ever since I used to work from home in my pajamas all day I just find them too restrictive, so I stick with skirts and dresses as often as I can. Plus, I barely even own a pair of pants that fit, and I don’t care about them enough to go buy new ones. So my solution to taking your summer wardrobe into the cold seasons? Leggings!

Now there seems to be some confusion about how to wear them. Lots of sites are around to explain it, but still don’t always make it all that simple. And we’ve all seen girls out there who think leggings are pants – they’re not. So to make it easy for you, the most basic rule that I can gather about leggings is cover your butt. Long shirts, blazers and sweaters, and skirts, and dresses all go with leggings. It doesn’t matter how short your top is in front, as long as your butt is covered; for example you can wear a tshirt in an ordinary length if you pair it with a longer cardigan or blazer. If you don’t have anything long enough to wear on top, you can simply add a skirt of just about any kind.

Almost. Leggings are the easiest way to extend the wear of your dresses so you can keep them in your daily rotation all year round, but as a second, though not crucial rule, I find it looks best if your skirt or dress doesn’t extend past your knees. You can feel free to ignore me here but that’s just my own preference. This is why when winter comes I find myself actually looking for mini skirts and mini dresses (and what a great time to find them on sale!) since most of my regular dresses are on the longer side. I just bought a flowy little dress in dusty pink with a black sash and it will look great with black leggings and a black cardigan or blazer. Then when it finally warms up again I can wear it on its own 🙂

Of course at the moment spring seems a very long way off, and I live in the land of the pure evil deep freeze, so when you need to arm yourself against winter like a real pro, leggings also do double duty as long johns, even with themselves (layering 2 or 3 pairs at once has got to be warm enough, especially when you have thermal ones!) So stock up, because leggings are your new best friend.