Wedding Bouquet Alternatives

Because of the volcano in Europe, there’s been a real issue getting products sent where they need to go around the world. This has created many shortages, including flowers. I’m told that due to this a lot of brides are having a bit of a freak-out. I’m here to help.
The reason flowers became a tradition is because in the middle ages, people only bathed about once a year. By the time wedding season rolled around, people were pretty smelly, and they needed flowers to mask the smell. You, being a 21st century woman, I’m guessing do not stink. Not to mention the many people out there allergic to flowers. So are flowers really necessary then? Nope. You and your maids are free to use any number of gorgeous and non-perishable alternatives, including fans, parasols, feathers (my personal favorite), fake flowers, and even buttons. I’ve supplied you here with some pictures to inspire you.
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